Saturday, July 4, 2009

Roaches, flruit flies, killer mosquitoes. Bring it on.

So--- (this is Hailey)

I woke up, for probably the first time in my life, at 4:30 in the morning. WIDE awake. So I sat around in the dark, got really freaked out when I heard a man outside the window before realizing it was the night watchmen watering the plants, I read some, knitted some, etc. Then I heard a creepy rustling from the living room and got my headlamp out to investigate-- there was a cockroach, a little less than two inches long, perched on Michelle's handbag on the carpet. When my light shined on it it kind of skittered away. Grossed out, I just went back to my room. My phone beeped out about three hours later when the sun was mostly up and when I went to the living room to check it, I stepped right on another roach outside my door. Then I saw another on the rug. I yelped a lot then, and woke up Lindsay and Michelle and went on a Raid rampage. Apparently fumigating our whole house is something we need to do everyday. Good grief! We're going to get brain damaged from the Raid but there will be no more roaches!

We smashed about a dozen more baby roaches in the kitchen and a few of the remaining fruit flies from the rash of them we had yesterday out of the bananas. So far today, though, I have seen no mosquitos. This is good! Technically they're the only bugs we're really supposed to worry about, and with all the permethrin, Raid, DEET, nets, and long sleeves and pants we've got we'll come back shizont-free.

The rest of today I think we'll wander around Arusha and try to get oriented to the city some- it's pretty crazy and the cramped dalla-dallas (public transit vans) don't really help. You can't see out of them and every time they turn or move it feels like your life is at stake.

Cheers everyone! Kwa heri!

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  1. Hi Ladies, its molly. I'm glad to hear you finally arrived safely and with all of your things...eventually. Sorry about the roaches...not much you can do about it unfortunately, except raid. I'm glad to hear you are making friends with your neighbors. You will find they wil be your greatest resource and likely your closest friends. Tomorrow (or today) will certainly be exciting as it is your first day at the hospital. Just remember to keep an open mind and realize that it is very different from the way we do things here, but they do the most with what they have. Give my regards to everyone at the hospital. They are amazing people whom I hold very dear to my heart. They will teach you so much about medicine and just about life in general. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures. Take care!