Saturday, July 11, 2009

A little bit of my Oregon just died

Many sights and many sounds, but if I had to pick my favorite (/confusing/terrifying) of it all so far, it might go something like this...

Dalla dalla rides with standing room only and live chickens.

The fact that 2/3 of us have been told that we look like Michael Jackson.

Dumping all of our garbage in the backyard pit that the local cat (pillipilli manga) sleeps on (see blog title).

"Cold weather" (60-ish F) and the idea that pregnant women deliver from home rather than face the chill en route to hospital.

The requisite "i" that Tanzanians add to the end of all English words (Breachi baby, baby sexi, goodi price).

At the market: "Hey, looking is free!"

The he/she confusion among some doctors ("His uterus" "Her testes")

GIANT shiny gold Obama belt buckles.

Obama everything.

In-house cockroach tally.

The swarms of children that run in and out of our house.

The idea that street children carry feces around and threaten to throw them at people if they aren't given money (I guess it's better than a knife?)

I'm sure there are plenty more. And there are so many from the hospital, even after only a week, that I can't really begin to describe or that don't seem appropriate for a lengthy list. Like watching a nun suffer through a hernia surgery in which the medication wasn't sufficient to prevent her feeling the first cuts. Or the many many children in the burn unit. And the tens of femur fracture patients that spend weeks upon weeks in the hospital with bags of rocks pulling traction on their broken bone to allow it to heal (semi-)properly. It's awe-inspiring and tragic, and amazing what people can do with limited resources all at the same time.


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