Sunday, July 19, 2009

A day in the life of tatu mzungu daktari mwanafunzi

Some people have been asking what our daily lives are like in the hospital, so here's what our normal days are like:

7:00 -- up and making breakfast
8:00 -- catch the dalla-dalla to get to Mt. Meru Hospital
9:00 -- start rounds on patients in respective departments
1 or 2 -- leave the hospital and head to either the internet cafe or get a small lunch down by the clocktower
3:00 -- walk home, or at least to the vegetable stand or grocery store
4:30 -- arrive home and either take a nap or journal/read
6:30 -- start making dinner (yes, we make it ever night and it normally consists of either rice, potatoes, or pasta with lots of fresh vegetables. another favorite is homemade guacamole with cucumbers or wheat crisps -- they have the most amazing avocados here!)
8:30 -- finish dinner and read/journal/study medicine or swahili
11:00 -- definitely in bed

We also have been going to local churches on Sundays. Last week we went to a Swahili language Anglican church, where we understood little but felt so welcomed! Today we went with our neighbors to the English language Roman Catholic church near our home. The two kids Ceci, 9, and Tom, 3, love playing with the mzungu (white people) and loved taking us to church. We had to stand up and introduce ourselves, and when we said we were from the US, the preacher said "Ahh, give our regards to Obama ... yes we can!" They love Obama here!

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  1. I'm so jealous you guys have good avocadoes!!! I need some guac. However, I don't know that I'd love the cockroaches that come with it all.