Saturday, August 22, 2009

We're coming home!

After much relaxing in Zanzibar, it's time for us to come home. We're getting really excited, but we know we will miss this country as well. So here's our top ten lists for the trip.

Things we will miss about Tanzania:
10) The genuinely nice people on the street
9) The ability to be so hands on in a clinical setting
8) Five hour work days
7) Filling, hearty lunches that cost less than a dollar
6) The incredible diversity of religion which according to locals is almost never a subject of contention.
5) The colorful clothing of the women on the street. Note: it is entirely appropriate to wear colors and patterns that don't match. And 5 different patterns on one person is not too much.
4) The neighbor kids -- Redre, Tom, Ceci, Sarah, Zora, and Maria
3) The Lyimo family -- Dr. Lyimo for his support and guidance at the hospital, and Beatrice for her great chapati and patient teaching of how to make said chapati
2)The Ali family -- who graciously hosted us at their house for 2 days, stored our luggage for a week, and cooked us wonderful food.
1) The always exciting dalla-dalla (25 cents to ride across town)

Things we are looking forward to back home:
10) No longer sleeping under mosquito nets
9) To no longer be considered "exotic" ... to just be a face in the crowd
8) Cockroach-free houses
7) Sushi, nachos, cheese, and all the wonderful food America has to offer
6) Clean clothes and a wardrobe of more than 5 outfits
5) The ability to drive our own car (on the correct side of the road)
4) Real coffee (not instant)
3) Paying a listed price, instead of haggling or enduring "mzungu" taxes
2) Fast Internet
1) Being reunited with family and friends

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