Monday, August 24, 2009

We're Back!

We are officially back in the United States after what seems like forever.

We spent our last few days with the Ali family and they graciously stored our big bags for us while we were in Zanzibar. The family consists of a male intern, his dentist wife (who is also 8 months pregnant), their 1 year old daughter, and the dentist's younger sister. They were so gracious to host us for several days and feed us very well.

On Sunday evening we left Kilimanjaro airport bound for Amsterdam and arrived after 8 hours with no program (PS -- KLM is officially my favorite airline now due to actual kindness on behalf of the staff, organization, and the best airplane food I have ever had). We transferred to Continental in Amsterdam, and the plane was delayed by almost two hours yet we arrived in Houston only 15 minutes late.

What we thought would be a disaster in customs was very easy ... we got in and out in less than 30 minutes and Hailey headed to Salt Lake City and Lindsay and Michelle headed to Portland.

We start school again next Monday morning bright and early, so we have one week to get things done. On the itinerary for Lindsay and Michelle is moving into new houses with fellow classmates and getting situated there. Hailey will be in Utah and Idaho with family and drive back to Portland just in time for school to start.

This trip will go down for all of us as a life-changing experience -- one which has shaped our view of the 3rd world, healthcare in the 3rd world and back in America, as well as shaped our future careers paths.

Thank you all for following our blog, commenting, and sending emails.

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