Friday, June 19, 2009

Year one ... done!

We took our BBOD final today, and we are officially done with our first year of medical school ... I can't believe we made it! So now all we have to concentrate on getting ready for Tanzania. So tonight Lindsay and Michelle are camping out at REI to get some awesome gear. Hailey is going to join us in the morning and bring us coffee and bagels! Yesuh! We're hoping to get some sleeping bags, hiking boots, and headlamps tomorrow morning at incredibly discounted rates (that's our hopes!)

Today we learned all about how physicians and researchers can diagnose malaria by using Giemsa stain. Jane Kelly at the VA was spent a couple of hours with us today teaching us the procedure so we understand how the procedure works and can hopefully help out in the diagnostic procedure. Big thanks to her!

Only 11 days until we leave!

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